Get real about the field! Part Two

Welcome to the second part of our look behind the common myths and misconceptions that hang around the field marketing industry.

6. Visiting convenience stores does not deliver a strong return on investment

Convenience is the fastest growing retail sector, with an estimated growth of 17.6% by 2023 (IGD), meaning the channel should not be overlooked due to a lack of data.  We’re seeing a growing number of clients successfully adding Convenience to their field sales models; building distribution and maximising sales.  We continue to develop our convenience offering in line with better field data, meaning we can measure return on investment through a more targeted approach.

7. Staffing cuts means retailers no longer have time for reps

With stress in the sector, not to mention Brexit uncertainty,  there are regular announcements about cuts in the retail workforce.  Conversely this means there has never been a more important time for brands to have their reps in store.  A manager will make time if their store is going to benefit directly through the actions of a well-trained, intuitive field representative.  A rep who can build strong relationships between store and brands will benefit both parties.

8. There is no need to visit during the week as my products only sell during the weekend

Weekends are high trading periods, but making an impact does not mean simply having representation at peak footfall.  We know that is a product is out of stock on a Sunday, it may not be available again for several days. By analysing and forecasting sales trends, we place reps in the required stores to ensure you do not lose product availability in the first instance.  Add into that a rep’s ability to fix issues that may go unseen, insight-driven field marketing quickly adds up to greater sales and a bigger return.

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